HC 6

About the product

Are you looking for a hot tub for a great family or garden party with a bunch of friends? The HC6 boasts up to 7 adults, each conveniently on their own seat. About 62 jets, including 50 hydromassage and 12 air jets, including AIR X® jes, will take care of the massage. The cleanliness of the water in the whirlpool is ensured by the ozonator. The standard equipment includes color LED lighting, anatomic head rests, waterfall, control system, titanium water heater, thermocouple, UV and durable side panels.

About the product line

Elegant round edges, premium equipment and precision to the smallest detail. Those are the distinct features of HC Series hot tubs. Their ergonomic design ensures that your body receives maximum comfort and an effective hydrotherapeutic massage. All hot tubs are spacious enough even for people of taller stature.


We choose only the highest quality ecological materials to produce our products. The outer shell is made out of a fully recyclable material GreenShield. All leftover material is introduced right back to the production process which helps us to be a close to zero-waste company (97%). The inner shell is made out of an americal acrylite Lucite. The shell is further thermo insulated and stiffened by italian material called Sirtek based on a polyurethane. Thanks to these carefully selected, prime qulaity material and extensive strict testing procedures, we can guarantee an extereme durability, longevity and defectlessness of every hot tub.


The hot tubs are equipped with circulation pump and a heater system Balboa. For additional fee we can equip the hot tub with a Wi-Fi module and connect the hot tub to your smartphone. You can also order a MicroSilk hydrotherapy package which regenerates and clears the skin. Another extra feature available is Spa touch control panel or Aquatic Audio system with subwoofer.

Power supply: 3P/380V/50Hz .

| 7 people
| 220 x 220 x 93 cm
| 0 lounger
| 62 jets
| 7 seats
| 1480 l
Price: Upon request


Dimensions 220 x 220 x 93 cm
Height 93
People capacity 7 people
Number of seats 7 seats
Total number of jets 62 jets
LED lighting yes
Waterfall yes

What makes us stand out

Hi-tech production

Thanks to the latest robotic technology we execute every detail with utmost precision.


Our physiotherapist ensures that all hot tubs are comfortable and massage effectively.

Designed by an architect

Modern shapes and eye-catching cabinets. Choose the one best suited to your taste.

Ecological products

We choose only highest quality materials, harmless to both health and the environment.