About the product

The Brand-new Mark 6 is the newest addition to our Swim Spa Portfolio. Due to the dual system, you have the perfect opportunity to Relax in the Spa area and swim in the Pool part! The customer doesn‘t need to dig a hole and will save Time and effort from the difficult arrangements regarding the application for a building permit.

About the product line

| 9 people
| 600×230×138 cm
| 2 loungers
| 2 seats
| 6000 l
Price: Upon request


Dimensions 600×230×138 cm
Height 138 cm
People capacity 9 people
Number of seats 2 seats
LED lighting yes
Waterfall no

What makes us stand out

Hi-tech production

Thanks to the latest robotic technology we execute every detail with utmost precision.


Our physiotherapist ensures that all hot tubs are comfortable and massage effectively.

Designed by an architect

Modern shapes and eye-catching cabinets. Choose the one best suited to your taste.

Ecological products

We choose only highest quality materials, harmless to both health and the environment.