Palapeli HS4

About the product

The home Finnish sauna Palapeli is made for 3–4 people in an elegant corner design. It is a quality Czech product made of solid spruce wood, which is specially planed for better appearance and longer durability.



wood, screws, glass door, handle, magnet, hinges, seal, hardboard, grid, lighting, mounting kit, detailed and clear instructions




  • electric heater with an output of min. 7.5 kW
  • lava stones
  • sauna floor grid


About the product line

We wanted to create saunas that were both strong and easy to assemble. Therefore, the walls of the sauna are made of solid spruce wood with a thickness of 38 mm, which is specially planed for better appearance and durability. The sauna wood is not treated with any products. Sauna time in a Hanscraft sauna is therefore completely healthy! In our sauna you will be able to smell the scent of wood and have a piece of nature right in your home.

Our saunas have a spirit and an unmistakable charm. You can be sure that we have made them with honesty and care. We use modern machines from the SCM, FELDER and STROMAB brands, which enable precise production. But it’s not just about the machines. We employ skilled carpenters who take care of the perfect result and there is no shortage of output control. Thanks to these workers, everything fits together beautifully, which is why the assembly of our saunas is simple and fast.

| 3–4 persons
| 170 x 193 x 193 cm
Price: Upon request


Width 170 cm
Depth 193 cm
Height 193 cm
People capacity 3–4 persons
Sauna wood spruce
Glass tempered 8 mm – Gobain
Walls solid wood, thickness 38 mm
Sauna doors can be installed to open left or right