About the product

We are also experienced manufacturers of thermocovers for hot tubs. These quality thermocovers are made in the Czech Republic for our Hanscraft hot tubs. However, it is also possible to provide tailor-made production for a different type of hot tub according to individual requirements.

About the product line

Cover for OKA design, HC design, Celtic Spas and Plug & Play + custom production

Thermocovers are manufactured in the Czech Republic by our company Hanscraft. Material is commonly used in the medical and marine industries (550 g / m2). The standard radius of the cover is 25 cm, but a radius can be produced according to the customer’s requirements. Great color variability.

Care and maintenance 


We also offer bubble wrap for better thermocover maintenance. The foil is laid directly on the water surface to prevent heat leakage while protecting the underside of the cover. Bubble protection film increases water heating efficiency and saves your wallet.

Material features:

  • 88% PVC / 12% PES, 550 g/m2
  • UV stabilizer
  • antibacterial
  • tensile strength> 210
  • fire protection measures M2 / CLASSE 1 IM
  • Certification: UNI EN 222.86, UNE EN 1021-1:2006, UNE EN 1021-2:2006, UNI 9175 (1987), UNI 9175/FA 1 (1994), IMO RES A 652 (16), MSC 61 (67) ANNEX 1 PART 8, CIGARETTE TEST


Important customer information about the thermal cover.PDF

What makes us stand out

Hi-tech production

Thanks to the latest robotic technology we execute every detail with utmost precision.


Our physiotherapist ensures that all hot tubs are comfortable and massage effectively.

Designed by an architect

Modern shapes and eye-catching cabinets. Choose the one best suited to your taste.

Ecological products

We choose only highest quality materials, harmless to both health and the environment.