Wooden Tub with Insert

About the product

The HANSCRAFT wooden tub with an insert is an ideal choice for lovers of natural bathing. You don’t need electricity to heat water, the wooden tub has a solid fuel heater which will heat it up in just 2 hours. The bath barrel is suitable for sensitive skin – there are no chemicals used for water treatment. For amplifi cation of overall experience, you can make the bath more pleasant with herbs.



    • size: Ø 180 × 100 cm
    • water volume: 900 l
    • capacity: up to 5 people
    • weight of the hot tub without water: 220 kg
    • exterior cladding: Nordic spruce
    • inner liner material: white polypropylene
    • heating: wood stove



      • wood stove
        – height: 66 cm
        – length: 50 cm
        – width: 48.5 cm
        – chimney height: 200 cm
        – power: 20 kW
        – weight: 45 kg
        – max. length of firewood: 42 cm
        – material thickness: 0.15 cm



      • wooden rim
      • wooden cover
      • PVC leather thermocover
About the product line
| 5 people
| Ø 180 × 100 cm
| 5 seats
Price: Upon request


Dimensions Ø 180 × 100 cm
Height 100 cm
People capacity 5 people
Number of seats 5 seats
LED lighting -
Waterfall -

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