Hanscraft builds upon more than 15 years of hands-on experience

Thanks to this experience we take care to design products that are comfortable to use while being harmless to health, extremely durable and defectless.

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Your comfort is our command

Our design process is heavily influenced by Martin Prochazka, MSc., the physiotherapist of Czech leading sportsmen, who oversees that all our hot tubs always offer both a comfortable and highly effective massage. They will further charm you with their modern, appealing appearance, designed by Ondrej Kamenicky, M.Arch.

We always choose the green way

Instead of using shell lamination which creates harmful styrenes as a byproduct, we use high quality GreenShield materials. They are completely harmless to both health and nature. On top of that we recycle all of the leftover material and introduce it back to the manufacturing process. That makes us a close to zero-waste company (97%).

Precise execution of every detail

We work with the latest technology and machinery, currently also used in automotive, aircraft and arms industry. That enables us to be precise to a hundredth of a millimeter. Precision and quality are areas which we never compromise in.

Strict quality testing before shipment

Not one hot tub leaves our manufacture hall without a series of strict and thorough testing procedures. We test all our products in real life circumstances which allows us to eliminate 99% of possible defects and malfunctions. We are also inspired by the hardline quality control of TPS (Toyota Production System).

Collaborate with us.

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